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The days of porcelain restorations taking multiple appointments to create are over! You can count on our CEREC dentist at Bite Dental Works for ceramic and porcelain restorations in Calgary. We understand that cracked, chipped, broken, discoloured or missing teeth can make you feel conscious about your smile.Thanks to CEREC, you can say goodbye to all these problems. With the right equipment and techniques, we help restore your smile. For more information, please feel free to speak to our team. We will always be happy to help you with all your dental requirements.


The Uniqueness of CEREC

CEREC’s strong, abrasion-resistant ceramic crown is durable and assures healthy oral function. With its resemblance to natural teeth, it takes care of the aesthetics of your teeth too. The CEREC technology enables dentists even to create veneers that help beautify the front teeth. You can rely on our trained and experienced in-house CEREC dentist to thoroughly assess your teeth and understand the extent of the damage. Based on computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) images, we provide customized crowns and help you achieve your desired look. To understand CEREC and other dental technologies and methods better, you can read our detailed blog posts.



In the Words of Dr. Andy Hoe

“The future is here. When I was a dental student, if you had told me that I could restore my patients’ teeth by scanning the tooth into a computer and bonding the restoration into place 30 minutes later, I would have thought you were crazy. Using an impression of the patient’s teeth, commercial dental laboratories use CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture) technology to fabricate many of their crowns. When I use CEREC, we scan your teeth directly and design and manufacture the crown immediately. If you would like your teeth restored without impressions and uncomfortable temporary restorations in ONE appointment, then CEREC is for you!
-Dr. Andy Hoe


Click here to read an article written by Dr. Hoe for the Cerec Doctors magazine (page 36).

Dr. performing scan

CEREC offers a whole series of advantages, including:

No dental impressions

No temporary crown

Only 1 appointment

Comfortable (the tooth is sealed immediately after it is prepped by placing the bonded final restoration)

Aesthetic restorations (high translucency and metal-free)

Conservative (only damaged tooth structure is removed)

Biocompatible material

Tested (CEREC has been in use for 15 years and the new CEREC 3D is a 5th generation machine)

Damaged tooth examination

1. We examine you damaged tooth.

cerec crown

2. We prepare your tooth for CEREC.

Tooth powdered and acanned to computer

3. Your tooth is powdered and scanned into the computer.

Your restoration is designed using CAD technology

4. Your restoration is designed using CAD technology.

Restored teeth

5. The restoration is milled from a ceramic ingot.

We bond your CEREC restoration in place.

6. We bond your CEREC restoration in place.

Experience the benefits of CEREC—contact Bite Dental Works today.


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