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Dental Crowns in Calgary

A dental crown can be understood as a covering that is put on your tooth to make your tooth stronger, improve its functionality and increase its visual appeal. They are extremely helpful for patients whose teeth have been damaged due to tooth decay. They can also be used when teeth have been damaged or broken due to injury or old metal fillings. Once installed properly, dental crowns can last for several years, provided you take adequate care of them.


Dental Crowns in Calgary

Receiving a dental crown can be a daunting experience. It can be necessary for a variety of reasons. Crowns are often used to protect a weakened tooth or to hold together a cracked tooth. It can help restore a tooth that is already broken. A crown can support a tooth that has had a large filling or has been severely worn down, or restore a dental implant. It can also be cosmetic, to cover a misshaped tooth.


But you do not need to worry since Bite Dental Works are always there to guide you, provide you with accurate information, clear your doubts and help you manage your dental crown properly and ensure its longevity. When in need of dental crowns in Calgary, trust Bite Dental Works for reliable assistance. We offer dental crowns to our patients in and around Calgary. We will also make sure that the entire procedure of getting a dental crown is hassle-free for you so that you face minimal discomfort. You can also count on us for a wide range of services including dental check-ups, porcelain veneers and cosmetic dentistry.

Type of Crowns

Dental crowns can be of multiple types and be used for different purposes.

Three-Quarter Crown - It is used for cusp-fractures, i.e. when the pointy part of the tooth where you chew fractures off.

Full Crown - Used in cases of tooth decay, cracked teeth, or root canal treated teeth. 

Metal – Metal crowns are durable and withstand biting and chewing forces. They are often made out of gold, platinum, or other base-metal alloys. They rarely chip or break and are a good choice for molars. 

Porcelain-Fused Metal – These types of crowns are colour-matched to the rest of your teeth and are a hybrid where the porcelain is used to match existing teeth, but the metal is needed for strength. The porcelain can be prone to chipping or breaking, however.

All-Resin – This is a less expensive option than porcelain, but it has a tendency to wear down over time. They are also more prone to fractures.

All-Ceramic or All-Porcelain – This type of crown allows for the best colour-matching to look the most like normal teeth. They are also suitable if you have an allergy to some types of metal.

The Process of Getting a Dental Crown in Calgary

Receiving a dental crown often takes at least two visits. At the first visit the dentist will take x-rays and file the tooth that is receiving the crown along the chewing surface and down the sides. This is done after the tooth is anaesthetized. The amount that is filed depends on the amount of decay or damage. After the tooth is reshaped the dentist will make an impression of what is left from which to construct the crown in a dental lab. A temporary crown is then placed over the tooth while the crown is being made. 

At the second visit the permanent crown is applied. The temporary crown is removed and, after the tooth is anaesthetized, the new crown is cemented in place. Once the new, permanent crown is in place it will last 5-15 years with proper care. A permanent crown does not require any special care aside from regular brushing and flossing. If you have a temporary crown it is important to avoid chewy or sticky foods, as they may pull the crown off. Chewing hard foods may also cause the temporary crown to break.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Dental Crown?

Traditionally, getting a dental crown takes two appointments. You will also be required to use a temporary crown for 1-2 weeks. However, if there is an emergency, you have time constraints, or the dentist finds that you are a good candidate,  you can opt for a CEREC Crown System.

Same Day Crown Capabilities

Bite Dental Works is proud to perform procedures on our patients using the very latest technologies. Whereas in the past a dental crown would require multiple visits and the necessity of a temporary crown while a lab created the permanent filling, our state-of-the-art CEREC, one appointment crowns creates a porcelain crown in a single visit, repairing chipped, cracked, and damaged teeth. A digital image of the tooth is captured using a special camera, instead of creating an impression mold. The digital image is brought to a screen next to the dental chair where Dr. Hoe then guides the machine through the design of your crown. It can then be created and fitted right there and then. 


This near-instant production is possible due to the Primescan’s photorealistic and highly accurate data. Its dynamic depth scan technology enables perfect sharpness and outstanding precision. It is the most accurate of all intraoral scanners on the market, delivering complete 3D structures of everything in its view – right from the very first scan.

Benefits of Same Day Crowns

No Temporary Crown Needed

 You’ll receive a new smile in one visit. There’s no need to be fitted with a temporary crown while your permanent crown is being created.


No Return Visits Required

 Temporary crowns aren’t a part of this process meaning you have no reason to return for the fitting of your new crown. Get all that over within one apppointment with CEREC Primescan-created crowns.


No Dental Putty Used

 Digital mapping means you won’t have to deal with dental putty for a manual dental impression.


High-Quality Ceramic

 CEREC crowns have the same characteristics as tooth enamel.


Precise Fit

 The technology that makes these crowns possible is due to precise-digital scanning. It makes sure that crown fits precisely, taking into account your bite pattern and all of your tooth’s contours.



 Same-day crowns stand the test of time and are just as durable as traditional crowns.


Superior Looks

 As these crowns are designed with more precision, they look more like your natural teeth. You’re also able to choose from multiple colour shades to match your existing smile.


Greater Comfort

 CEREC Primescan technology ensures your crown is designed with such detail that the crown will be as comfortable to have in your mouth as a real tooth.

Strengthen Your Teeth

Get dental crowns to add strength to your teeth


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