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Maintaining your dental and oral health requires more than just rare visits to the dentist. Regular dental exams and checkups form a critical aspect of preventative dental care. Not only that but regular dental checkups should be considered a part of your dental routine, including brushing and flossing. During our dental checkups in Calgary, the dentists at Bite Dentalworks get a good look at the state of your teeth and oral health. In addition to cleaning your teeth and inspecting them for cavities, dentists perform an overall inspection of your teeth and mouth during dental checkups. In many cases, dentists can identify the early warning signs of diseases such as periodontitis and take the first steps in a timely intervention. Moreover, our dentists examine your oral tissues and screen you for initial indications of some non-oral illnesses such as lupus that may show up in the mouth and teeth, neck and jaw.


Dental checkups have countless benefits that protect your teeth and your overall health. If you’d like to schedule a dental checkup in Calgary or learn more about dental checkups, please get in touch with us.

Dental Checkups at Bite Dentalworks

We recommend you schedule a dental exam with us every 6 -12 months to prevent cavities, tartar buildup and protect your gum against diseases. We ensure that you have a healthy smile by conducting preventative dental services.

Our regular dental checkups involve services like:

  • X-rays

  • Examinations

  • Regular cleanings

  • And more


Our goal is to offer preventive and restorative dental treatment regularly to our valued patients. If you have a dental emergency and suddenly need to visit a dentist, call Bite Dental Works. We provide dental care for all age groups.

We encourage you to visit our office for a routine dental exam and cleaning. Contact us today to learn more about our general and family dentistry services, and to schedule your appointment.




One of the key benefits of regular dental checkups is that they help prevent cavities and the buildup of tartar. We carry out a complete cleanup of your teeth during these sessions, removing possible cavity-causing and tartar-producing elements from your mouth. When you visit us regularly, we can get a good idea of your lifestyle and can advise you about the proper oral health practices suited for you.

Additionally, regular dental visits help us keep an eye on the oral health of our patients. Some symptoms can indicate signs of gum disease long before its occurrence. We pay attention to these symptoms and address them early on to prevent the threat of gum disease. This early approach is extremely effective in dealing with the disease and protecting your dental health.



A typical dental appointment consists of two parts: a checkup or assessment and a cleaning or oral treatment. Your dental professional will look for cavities during your teeth checkup. To discover cavities in between your teeth your teeth, your dentist may request X-rays be taken. Your teeth will be checked for plaque and tartar during the exam. Plaque is a bacterial coating that is transparent and sticky. It can solidify and form tartar if not cleaned. Brushing and flossing are ineffective in removing the tartar. Plaque and tartar can induce severe diseases if they develop on your teeth. The dentist will then examine your gums. The depth of the gaps between your gums and teeth will be measured using specific equipment.


The dental professional will polish the teeth. The polishing protects the teeth from plaque development, allowing them to stay shinier and smoother for longer. A rotating brush and a paste are used to apply the polish. This paste is similar to toothpaste, but it is somewhat coarser to help remove residue. Contact us to book an appointment.



A dental checkup involves many steps, including removing stains and any other deposits from your teeth. Regular dental checkups keep your teeth healthy, which improves the appearance of your smile. We can also detect the need for orthodontic interventions, such as braces, should you require them.


All patients should get a dental checkup at least once after six months. Our dental experts will detect the smile for any symptoms of risk by arranging regular checkups and cleanings. Too much time between visits promotes plaque build-up, leading to cavities, tooth damage, receding gums, and other issues. During checkups, patients will also be informed about how to prevent these problems. Maintaining good dental health begins at home. Our dental staff may give various at-home oral care suggestions to avoid oral health concerns between dental exams.



Regular dental health checkups are the cornerstones of preventative dental care. When you visit us regularly, we can keep a record of your dental history. Tracking your dental health can help us carry out tailor-made dental interventions.

For children, regular dental checkups encourage the healthy development of teeth and the prevention of cavities.



We offer regular dental checkups here in Calgary. In addition to this, as an all-around dental clinic, we provide a full range of dental services. Please reach out to us to schedule an appointment.

Have any questions about a dental crown or wish to schedule an appointment? Please give us a call.

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