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Dental surgery is a surgical procedure performed on the teeth, mouth, gums, and jaw. While there are other sorts of oral procedures, the most common one is tooth extraction, which is done to remove a tooth that is badly decayed or infected or to treat gum disease or crowding inside the mouth.


If you are looking for complex dental surgery or extensive oral surgery, turn to Bite Dental Works. Our proficient dental professionals in Calgary are skilled to perform oral surgery and resolve your dental issues to improve your teeth function. We take pride in providing great service paired with cutting-edge technology which perform each surgery with the utmost precision and care. We welcome any patient in Calgary who requires dental care.


Transparent Procedure

We encourage transparency and clarity in our clinic, and we make sure that each patient completely understands every aspect of their particular oral treatment plan, including how it will benefit their dental health as well as the treatment and healing process.

Signs You Need Dental Surgery

Deciding if your oral issues require dental surgery is a difficult task. There are, however, certain obvious symptoms that you need dental surgery to fix your dental issues. It's crucial to figure out when the best time is to schedule an oral examination with the dentists at Bite Dental Works. Visiting your dentist regularly might help identify any issues before they become problematic. Oral surgery may be required for certain dental conditions like:


  • Impacted teeth

  • Improve fit of dentures

  • Tooth loss

  • And more

  • Unequal jaw growth

Impacted Teeth

The third molar or wisdom teeth develop in the later stages. Quite often, they fail to emerge in the right way, and become trapped between the gum tissue and jawbone. Various signs show that your wisdom tooth needs to be extracted. They include continuous pain, swelling, fever, or infection around the wisdom tooth. Mostly, teenagers and youth need dental surgery for their wisdom teeth. If you are feeling any kind of discomfort or pressure around your wisdom teeth, you need to speak to your dentist as soon as possible

Tooth Loss

If you have met with an accident or infection and have lost a tooth, a dental implant offers a perfect solution. It is an ideal alternative to bridges and dentures. It is an ideal alternative to bridges and dentures. Tooth loss, if left untreated, becomes a serious problem. However, if you visit a dental professional in time, you can prevent it from turning into something severe. 

Unequal Jaw Growth

For some individuals, upper and lower jaws fail to grow properly. This can cause difficulty in eating, swallowing, and breathing. Uneven jaw growth can result in abnormalities that can require surgery. Treatment for your unequal jaw will eliminate or considerably lessen any problems associated with it, such as difficulty chewing, breathing, or speaking, as well as reestablish the overall outlook of your face.

Improve Fit of Dentures

For first-time denture users, dental surgery can be performed to rectify any jaw anomalies to ensure the dentures fit better. Long-term denture wearers may benefit from dental surgery. Over time, the supporting bone starts to deteriorate, leading to dentures that don't fit properly. Surgical treatment can improve the fit of dentures and help long-term denture wearers.


Our team of highly qualified dental professionals and surgeons in Calgary is committed to restoring your smile and assuring that you receive a complete dental treatment plan that addresses your unique dental needs. Contact us today to learn more about our surgical treatments.

Have any questions about a dental crown or wish to schedule an appointment? Please give us a call.

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