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Bite Dental Works is our dental office in Calgary. We provide personal, yet professional dental care. We have a reception area which is designed to make your wait comfortable, with adequate room for social distancing. For us, our patients are our number one priority. We can understand the challenges you might face with dental issues. Thanks to our comfortable treatment rooms, you can sit back and relax, watch cable television or listen to music as we take care of your dental care needs. Our members at Bite Dental Works endeavour to create a pleasant atmosphere for our patients. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information. We would be happy to assist you!


Services We Offer at Our Dental Clinic in Calgary

Our dental clinic offers various services, meeting your diverse yet specific dental needs.. At Bite Dental Works, we have a team of experienced dentists to assist you with:

  • Dental crowns

  • Dental checkups

  • Porcelain veneers

  • Restorative or cosmetic dentistry

  • Sedation dentistry

  • Surgical treatments

Our services cater to patients from all age groups. When you visit our dental office in Calgary, you will experience a comforting and caring atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to share your dental concerns with us. Contact us today to book your dental consultation with us!

Checkout/Account Desk

Our team offers suitable dental solutions and equally cares about convenient billing options. We understand that you have a busy work schedule and wouldn’t want to waste time figuring out the fee payment method. We make the checkout process convenient. We keep all the forms ready for you to sign and complete your payments. Our admin staff is available to answer any questions you have about the treatment you have received or to review your treatment plan. You can pay for your dental consultation and treatment through Visa, Mastercard, and Interac. At Bite Dental Works, we strive to offer complete customer satisfaction. We have a team of customer-friendly staff and welcome new patients.

Patient Reception Area
Sterilization Area

Sterilization Area

Dental offices keep busy and face the dilemma of maintaining productivity and ensuring the patient’s safety. Achieving this goal requires a cleaning and sterilization process that helps in effective infection control. At Bite Dental Works, our staff Follows all sterlization processes mandated by the Alberta Dental Association and College. We use up-to-date sterilization methods to prevent any chance of cross-contamination. Our sterilization procedures include using a commercial, high-temperature dishwasher and a steam autoclave we test daily. We follow the standards set out by the Alberta Dental Association and College Infection Control guide. All of our team members are educated in instrument reprocessing and can answer any questions you may have regarding sterilization and infection control.

Panoramic X-Ray Machine

A panoramic x-ray shows all your teeth in addition to your full upper and lower jaw. It’s a screening x-ray that displays an image of the entire mouth using only very small amounts of radiation. A panoramic x-ray, or panorex, will monitor the position of your teeth as you grow, for example, any supernumerary (extra) teeth, or missing permanent (adult) teeth that may be missing, or not developing properly. This x-ray will also show the development and placement of wisdom teeth. In addition, panoramic x-ray checks the jaw for any abnormalities in the jaw joint, or any cysts or growths that may be developing and are yet undetected.

Panoramic X-Ray Machine

Pain Prevention With Freezing and Anesthetic

Expert Freezing

When Doctor Hoe was a child in Thompson, Manitoba, his father Bill—who was, of course, a dentist—did all his dental work for him. He says, “When I was a kid, I had no idea that my dad was giving me a needle—I thought that he made my lip go numb just by wiggling my lip. Needless to say, I made sure that dad showed me how to give injections after I got into dental school”. Today, Dr. Hoe is known amongst his patients for these injections.

painless freezing
Topic anaesties

Topical Anesthetic

We use a topical anesthetic to make your mouth go numb before you receive any injections. Many times, patients don’t even feel the freezing after the topical anesthetic is applied If you are nervous with injections, find sitting in a dental chair uncomfortable, or are fearful of treatment in general. Dr. Hoe also provides sedation dentistry for his patients, making visits to the office much more relaxed and comfortable. 

We Offer Amenities for Your Comfort

We understand that you might be nervous about your first dental visit, but you won’t regret it! At Bite Dental Works, we take extra steps for your comfort. To keep you entertained during your stay at our dental office in Calgary, we also have a range of amenities such as:



All of our operatories are equipped with cable television. Relax with your favourite program during your appointment.

Comfortable Dental Chairs

Tempur-Pedic® dental chairs and headrests make our chairs ultra-comfortable. While you can’t take one home with you, you are welcome to snuggle under a warm blanket while we look after your dental needs.



Visit our dental clinic and experience our dental care and amenities for yourself.

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