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To maintain good oral hygiene and prevent plaque build-up, cavities and gum disease, routine dental cleaning once every six months is of paramount importance. The main goal of dental cleaning is to get rid of plaque and tartar deposits in your mouth that are likely to lead to gum disease and other oral health issues. Gum infections, if left unattended, end up weakening the roots of your teeth, leading to tooth loss.

Professional dental cleaning is usually performed by a dental hygienist as a preventive measure. At Bite Dental Works, we provide our patients with quality dental cleaning services in South Calgary. We make sure that you feel comfortable during the procedure and are happy to answer all your questions and doubts before the procedure. We also keep upgrading our skills and equipment to make sure that you get the very best dental care possible in a comfortable and peaceful setting from our highly experienced team of dental professionals.

Schedule an appointment at our clinic right away for your routine dental cleaning. Our team will be happy to attend to you.


  • Ensures good oral health

  • Prevents tartar accumulation

  • Eliminates bad breath

  • Removes stains from the teeth

  • Prevents gum disease

  • Prevents tooth infections and tooth loss

  • Removes dental plaque

  • Prevents cavities and tooth decay

Types of Dental Cleaning Procedures

There are mainly two different types of dental cleaning procedures, routine cleaning or a procedure that involves much deeper cleaning, usually opted for in the case of patients suffering from moderate to advanced gum disease or gingivitis.

During a routine dental cleaning, special tools are used by your dental hygienist to remove tartar deposits and plaque from the surfaces of your teeth. This is very important to keep gum diseases at bay.

During a deep dental cleaning, special techniques are used by your dental hygienist to remove plaque, tartar and bacteria from even below the gum and the roots of your teeth. Deep dental cleaning aims to eliminate bacteria below the gum line and around the roots of your teeth in order to arrest gingivitis and prevent tooth loss.


Typical Steps Involved in Dental Cleaning Procedures

  • Physical Examination
    Before starting the actual dental cleaning process, a dental professional carefully examines your entire mouth to assess the condition of your teeth and gums in order to determine which dental cleaning procedure will best suit your specific needs.

  • Plaque and Tartar Removal

    During this process, the hygienist uses a scraper to remove plaque and tartar between the teeth as well as around the gum line.

  • Cleaning with Gritty Toothpaste

    After tartar removal, your dental hygienist uses a high-powered electric toothbrush to brush your teeth with toothpaste in order to perform deep cleaning and eliminate any tartar that has been left. This is what we refer to as the polish.

  • Flossing

    Your dental hygienist will floss your teeth now to get them rid of any leftover toothpaste or plaque.

  • Rinse

    Your dentist will ask you to rinse your mouth in order to remove any residue.

  • Fluoride Treatment

    This is the final step in your dental cleaning procedure. Fluoride treatment is given in order to prevent cavities from forming. A fluoride rinse is swished in the mouth for one minute, is left on your teeth for a minute, or a fluoride varnish is applied on the teeth. After a fluoride rinse, you are restricted from eating or drinking for 30 minutes. After a fluoride varnish is applied, you can eat or drink right away, and the varnish can be brushed off with a regular toothpaste four hours after application.

Call us to make an appointment for your dental cleaning in South Calgary without further delay. We will make sure you get the treatment best suited to your specific requirements after conducting a thorough physical examination. Our dentist will explain the whole procedure to you so that you feel absolutely no stress during your dental cleaning treatment in our clinic.


Schedule an appointment for your routine dental cleaning.

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