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Dr. Hoe is a general dentist, meaning that he’s able to offer a wide range of professional dental services to you and your family within a dental clinic for Calgary SW, Shawnessy, and surrounding areas. Whether you visit us for a dental clinic for Calgary or a dental clinic for Shawnessy and surrounding areas, we can offer a general checkup that includes an examination of your teeth and mouth, an oral cancer screening, imaging and X-rays, and cleaning.


At Bite Dental Works — our dental clinic in Calgary SW and our dental clinic for Shawnessy and surrounding areas — we prefer to take a preventative approach to dental health, but if you are experiencing issues, our restorative treatments (like crowns, bridges, implants and more) can restore your teeth to health. We also offer cosmetic procedures for the appearance of your smile. Please note that we offer paediatric dental services for children at our clinic in Calgary SW.

No matter where you live around Calgary SW, we strive to provide a variety of services at our dental clinic. Shawnessy and surrounding areas can all benefit! To learn more about what we offer as a dental clinic in Calgary, SW. Read our following services.


Dental Checkups

  • Oral examination of teeth, mouth and gums:The dentists at Bite Dental Works examine your teeth and oral health during our dental checks in Southwest Calgary. During dental exams, our dentists clean your teeth and examine them for cavities, as well as do a thorough examination of your teeth and mouth. Furthermore, our dentists evaluate your oral tissues and test you for early signs of non-oral disorders such as lupus, which can show up in the mouth, neck, teeth, and jaw.

  • Oral cancer screening: Oral cancer screening is a procedure in which a dentist or doctor examines your mouth for indicators of cancer or precancerous diseases. Oral cancer screening aims to detect mouth cancer early when there is a better possibility of a cure.

  • Biting and grinding check: Do you have the feeling that your teeth don't quite fit together? Maybe you have difficulty speaking, or you grind your teeth? You may have a misaligned bite. Our dentists will determine whether or not your teeth are correctly aligned and whether or not this might cause you problems. These include X-rays and imprints of your teeth, which help us determine the best therapy for you.

  • Dental cleaning: Gum disease is treated with deep tooth cleaning. Plaque, which forms on your teeth due to improper flossing and brushing, can cause swollen gums. Swollen gums pull away from teeth, forming pockets—plaque traps in these pockets, which can't be cleaned with ordinary brushing. We will use proper tools to clean the roots of your teeth so that your gums may reattach to them.

  • X-ray: X-rays, often known as radiographs, are a crucial diagnostic tool that allows your dentist to detect and treat tooth issues early. X-rays come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with which we will help you get a complete picture of current and future dental health.

  • 3D imaging (CEREC): With CEREC, you can get rid of your chipped and broken teeth. We can help you restore the beauty of your teeth. You can trust our in-house CEREC dentist to do a complete examination of your teeth and determine the degree of the damage.




Bruxism (grinding) treatments

Root canal treatment




Oral surgery 
Wisdom teeth removal

No dental impressions

No temporary crown

Only 1 appointment

Only 1 appointment


We provide trusted veneers to help you regain your smile.

Restore sore gums to good health, fix cavities or chipped teeth and much more! We provide sedation dentistry services.



Looking for our services at a dental clinic in Shawnessy? Whether you need a dental clinic near Shawnessy or somewhere close by, contact us today to book your appointment at our dental clinic in Calgary SW.


Nervous about the dentist? Relax—we have sedation options.

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