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CEREC: A Quality Crown Made Straightaway

Getting a crown made used to take a fair bit of time. It required at least two appointments and several weeks of waiting. Thanks to advances in technology, this no longer needs to be the case. When you opt for a CEREC crown, you’re in and out of your dentist’s office in two hours, one tooth richer. Keep reading to find out more about this exciting development in dentistry.

What is a CEREC crown and how is it made?

A CEREC crown is a ceramic crown fabricated on-site using computer-aided design (CAD) technology. Creation of the crown occurs in just four steps:

1. A 3D impression of your mouth is made using a small camera.

2. The impression is paired with a design unit that uses CAD software to create a 3D model of the crown.

3. The model is inputted into to a milling machine, which creates the physical crown out of a ceramic block.

4. Your dentist polishes and stains the crown so that it matches your teeth.

Once this process is complete, the crown gets adhered to your tooth, which your dentist will have shaved down beforehand. All of this takes just two hours.

What are the advantages of a CEREC crown?

The convenience of being fitted with a CEREC crown has already been indicated. Here are five additional reasons to get a CEREC crown.

1. It looks like a real tooth. The ceramic material resembles a natural tooth and its shade is matched to the colour of your other teeth.

2. It feels like a real tooth. The 3D imaging technology ensures that the crown precisely fits your bite and gum line.

3. If you practice good oral hygiene, it can be just as durable as a traditional crown, lasting on average between five and 15 years.

4. It’s been extensively tested. CEREC technology has existed for 15 years and the new CEREC 3D is a fifth generation machine.

5. You experience less post-operative sensitivity compared with a traditional crown.

Where can I obtain a CEREC crown?

Due to the success and popularity of CEREC crowns, a growing number of dental clinics across North America are offering this option. Nonetheless, the majority still only offer traditional crowns.

Bite Dental Works in Calgary, however, offers both traditional and CEREC crowns. If you need a crown and would like to benefit from this new technology, come see our dentist. Contact our clinic in Southwest Calgary today!


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