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The Benefits of a Good Oral Hygiene Routine

Did you know that your lifespan is strongly linked to the number of teeth you have? Individuals with good oral hygiene are also found to be less likely to endure illnesses.

Fortunately, people are becoming aware of the importance of oral hygiene in South Calgary. Hence, people who started paying more attention to their dental health increased. In the country alone, 75% of Canadians visit a dental clinic at least once a year, and 86% visit twice.

Need details on the benefits of good oral hygiene in South Calgary? Read on to find out why you should visit a dental clinic soon!

Oral Hygiene Blocks Oral Diseases

Having an active oral hygiene routine lessens your chances of getting oral diseases. One such point is tooth decay due to plaque build-up.

Plaque incubates cavities faster, which causes severe tooth sensitivity if not infection. These, in turn, can lead to graver gum disease. However, proper oral hygiene can prevent plaque build-up, reducing tooth decay risk.

Oral Hygiene Affects Your Overall Health

Unfortunately, bacteria from our mouth enter our bloodstream when we have gum disease. These bacteria produce a protein that causes our blood to thicken.

As a result, blood clots may begin to appear. This hinders the heart from getting the necessary nutrients and oxygen.

Similarly, gum disease also leads to inflammation, blocking the blood supply to the brain. This, too, can result in a potential stroke.

Moreover, gum disease makes it tougher to regulate our blood glucose. As a result, people with diabetes are more susceptible to severe gum disease, which may significantly contribute to the progression of diabetes.

Aside from these, poor oral hygiene can increase the risk of Pneumonia, sepsis, and dementia.

Healthy, Confident Smile

Are you looking to flash a pearly set of teeth and achieve a healthy smile? You only have one thing to do to get this, practice good oral hygiene in South Calgary. Keep your teeth plaque-free to avoid bad breath and undesirable events that come with it.

Another condition that affects our gum health, internally and appearance-wise, aside from discoloration due to cavities, is tooth stain. Tooth stain naturally comes with wear and tear. However, it is also often associated with consuming too much coffee, tea, red wine, and smoking.

While the effect of stained teeth is minimal on our physical health, it can make us feel selfconscious. Hence, if you want to prevent surface staining, regular oral care is the way!

Lower Health Care Costs

Ultimately, the most significant benefit of having an oral hygiene routine is the reduced medical cost. You can save money that would’ve otherwise gone to dental repairs with healthy teeth. Not to mention the high price you would’ve paid treating a whole-body disease like diabetes.

Oral Hygiene in South Calgary: Contact Your Dentist Today

It’s easy to assume that the mouth is separate, but the truth shows otherwise. Simple health issues such as cavities can cause a ripple effect in the body. Hence, investing in your dental hygiene routine is proper.

Start your oral journey by scheduling an appointment with your expert in oral hygiene in South Calgary. As always, we at Bite Dental Works d are at your beck and call. Our dentists have your back, from answering your concerns to helping you start your oral hygiene routine!


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