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The Importance of Dental Crowns: Enhancing Your Smile

A smile bridges gaps in communication and plays a pivotal role in our confidence and how others perceive us. At Bite Dental, we understand that maintaining a healthy smile goes beyond aesthetic appeal. It preserves your oral health and enhances your quality of life. Dental crowns stand at the forefront of restorative dentistry. They offer functional and cosmetic solutions to many dental issues. However, there are several types of dental crown options that may benefit your needs. Interesting in learning more? Continue reading below.


Do Dental Crowns Help with Improving Your Smile?


Dental crowns serve as a cornerstone in restorative dentistry. These custom-fitted caps cover damaged or decayed teeth and restore their original:

·       Shape

·       Size

·       Strength

·       Appearance

They are pivotal in enhancing the visual appeal of your smile. Crowns improve both the functionality and aesthetics of your smile, making them an essential tool in the pursuit of dental health and confidence.


Types of Dental Crown Options


Bite Dental Works offers a comprehensive array of crown options so that everyone can find a solution that best suits their dental health and aesthetic preferences.


Different Methods

Three-quarter crowns are a conservative restoration choice that covers the majority of the tooth, leaving some natural tooth structure visible. This option is great for teeth that require significant but partial restoration. Full crowns envelop the entire tooth surface, providing maximum protection and restoration for teeth that have undergone extensive damage or decay. They are the go-to solution for teeth that need complete coverage to restore function and appearance.


Different Metals

Metal crowns, known for their durability and strength, are typically made from:

·       Gold

·       Palladium

·       A base-metal alloy

While they are less commonly chosen for their aesthetic qualities, metal crowns are an excellent choice for back teeth where the forces of chewing are greatest and less visible. Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns offer a blend of durability and a more natural look. These crowns have a metal base covered with a porcelain layer. At Bite Dental Works, this allows for some colour matching of the surrounding teeth.


They provide a great compromise between the strength of metal crowns and the aesthetic appeal of porcelain. All-ceramic or all-porcelain crowns represent the pinnacle of cosmetic matches to natural tooth colour and texture. Ideal for front teeth, these crowns blend seamlessly with the natural teeth. The term "all-ceramic" encompasses a range of ceramic materials, including:

·       Porcelain

·       Zirconia

·       Lithium disilicate

These offer a metal-free option that is particularly suitable for patients with metal sensitivities or allergies.


Caring for Your Teeth in SW Calgary


Understanding the various types of dental crown options is crucial in making an informed decision about your dental care. At Bite Dental Works, our patients are our top priority. We recognize the challenges that come with dental issues and strive to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for your treatments. Let us help you choose the right type of dental crown to enhance your smile. Reach out to us today to schedule your appointment and experience the difference our care can make.


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