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Ultimate Toothbrush Guide: What Are the Different Types of Toothbrushes and Which Should You Use?



We imagine that when you're looking for a toothbrush in the store, one thing you'd never think about are the several types of toothbrushes that there are. We're glad that you've come to our site because we want to provide you with the information you need. Below you're going to find a brief comprehensive guide about the different types of toothbrushes and how to choose a toothbrush that works the best for your oral hygiene.


Types of Toothbrushes

The most common toothbrush that people use is the manual toothbrush. This is your standard toothbrush that can be found in your local pharmacy that features soft to hard bristles, depending on the user's preference.


Another type of toothbrush is an electric toothbrush. Depending on the brand you select from, these types of toothbrushes might be on the more expensive end as far as toothbrushes are concerned. Keeping with the theme of electronic toothbrushes, there are several categories of toothbrushes. One has a rotating toothbrush head. The toothbrush will operate at different rotating speeds to ensure that your entire tooth is cleaned when brushing your teeth. Most people enjoy this type of toothbrush because it makes it easier to reach areas of your mouth that are harder to reach.


The last type of toothbrush we're going to touch on is the interdental brush. This is another brush that can be used to reach into areas where gaps are present. This type of brush might be ideal for people that have braces. Now that you're aware of the toothbrushes that you can choose from, it's beneficial to understand how to choose the right one for you.



The first thing you need to do is think about the type of toothbrush that you want. Decide whether you want to purchase either a manual or electric toothbrush. There are several advantages to having a manual or electric toothbrush.



CDA stands for the Canadian Dental Association. If you're purchasing a toothbrush and it doesn't feature a seal from the CDA on it, you may want to continue your toothbrush search. The CDA seal ensures that the toothbrush has passed the proper safety testing to make it available for use to the public.



You will want to get a toothbrush that isn't too big for your mouth and will be able to leave your teeth and gums clean. You also need to get a toothbrush that has the bristles you like. Some toothbrush bristles are softer or harder than others. A toothbrush with soft bristles is easier when it comes to removing food and plaque from the surface of your teeth.


Which Toothbrush Is Best for Me?

There are several types of toothbrushes for you to choose from, and there's a way to make the right choice. Whether you're going for an electric or rotating toothbrush, you need to consider other things like if it's CDA certified as well. If you're not sure what kind of toothbrush you should get, we recommend consulting with the dentist at Bite Dental. Not only can we educate you about oral hygiene, but we can also offer several other services like dental crowns and veneers.


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