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6 Ways Dental Crowns Restore Smiles

dental crown

Dental crowns are one of the most common restorative dental devices we use in our Calgary dental clinic. These prosthetic restorations, also known as a caps, can transform a damaged or broken tooth to its original size and shape. They look great and allow you to eat and talk comfortably.

Crowns can be used on their own, or alongside other restorative treatments. Here are six ways they can restore your smile. 

1. Repair cracked or broken teeth

A crown can support and strengthen a damaged tooth by covering and protecting it. This prevents you from losing the tooth, which would likely impact your jawbone and surrounding teeth.

2. Support a tooth with a large filling

Some cavities are so large that a simple filling isn’t enough. If too much tooth structure has been destroyed due to decay, your dentist may suggest a crown to cover the damage, and protect the remaining tooth.

3. Replace a missing tooth

If you’re missing a tooth, dental crowns can fill the gap in your smile. If there is still some tooth structure left, the crown may be bonded to that. If not, it can be used in conjunction with a dental implant to replicate your lost tooth.

4. Cover a root canal

A root canal treatment involves drilling a microscopic hole in your tooth to remove infected tissue. Once the infection is removed, a crown is placed over the treated tooth to protect it from further decay and damage.

5. Anchor a dental bridge

A fixed dental bridge is a great way to replace more than one missing tooth. Crowns are used on either side of the bridge to support the prosthetic teeth.

6. Reshape a tooth

Sometimes teeth are naturally misshapen. Other times, they become this way over time. In either case, a crown can give your teeth a more esthetically pleasing shape.

Dental crowns for patients in Calgary

If you think you might benefit from a crown, talk to the dentist at Bite Dental Works. Not only do we offer traditional dental crowns, we are also proud to offer CEREC crowns. This new technology allows us to make your prosthetics right in our office, meaning you only need to come to our Calgary office once. Call us today to find out more.


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