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Benefits of CEREC Crowns


Your dentist may suggest getting a crown if you have a broken tooth or a cavity. A crown is a cap which protects your teeth. With major advances in modern technology, you can get dental crowns known as CEREC crowns. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics which uses CAD/CAM to create a crown that fits your damaged tooth perfectly. The CEREC crowns are shaded to match your natural tooth colour and are bonded in place. All this is done in a single dentist appointment.

Bite Dental Works offers treatments like CEREC crowns, cosmetic dentistry and sedation dentistry in Shawnessy. If you’re considering getting CEREC crowns, this article will explain the benefits of same-day crowns over traditional ones. Read on to find the benefits of CEREC crowns:

  • No Dental Impressions

Many people have issues with traditional crown impressions. With CEREC, we take a digital scan or image of your teeth and gums. They are less invasive and easier on the patient if you have a bad gag reflex. The scanner will be able to take accurate digital impressions so it will be a lot easier to create a same-day crown that fits correctly over your tooth.

  • No Temporary Crown, No injury

With traditional crowns, you usually have to wear a temporary crown while your permanent restoration is created. Temporary crowns are usually prepared with weak adhesive since it will be replaced with a permanent crown. This can result in the crown not fitting properly or falling out when you perform your basic day-to-day task. With CEREC, the crown is created and placed in one appointment. The hassle of creating a temporary crown and the discomfort of living with it for a week is reduced.

  • Only 1 Appointment

With CEREC, the process is much simpler and faster. It is made of a solid block of ceramic or porcelain materials, so you can skip the second visit totally. Using a computer imaging technology, your crown will be fitted perfectly with a single appointment which takes only a couple of hours for the whole process.

  • Biocompatible Material

All CEREC crowns are created with 100 % biocompatible ceramic material. CEREC material is one of the safest and effective options for tooth restoration. The crowns are usually able to withstand wear and tear. The dental work can have a long lifespan if they are properly cared for.

  • Conservative

The use of CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing) software for designing the CEREC crowns makes it highly precise.

  • Simple Tooth Restorations

If your tooth problems are simple like a broken tooth or slightly cracked tooth, you will be an ideal candidate for same-day crowns. Traditional crowns will take multiple visits to the dentist to resolve the simple uncomplicated issues.

If you lead a busy life, same-day dental crowns will be your ideal choice. With these many benefits, CEREC definitely wins the dental crown’s race. At Bite Dental Works, we keep up with the latest dental technology to provide a wide range of treatment options. We examine your damaged tooth and provide you with options for restoration, including CEREC crowns. Book an appointment or contact us today to schedule your own CEREC consultation for the beautiful and restored smile.


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